This exhibition on and off the water took place on Saturday 25th July 2015 at Grand Canal Dock & Waterways Ireland Visitor’s Centre.
Visit the gallery of images from the day here.


The Artist’s Armada is a curatorial project devised and produced by Dublin-based curator Anne Mullee. It united works by artists from Ireland and the UK working with boats, rafts and watercraft; whether building, sailing or otherwise engaging with the element of water as voyagers and explorers.

It took place at Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock, a confluence of waterways serving the interior and coastal areas of our island nation. The Artist’s Armada offered an intersection for ideas to collide and exchange, sparking new dialogues and reclaiming this site for artistic endeavour. Here the artists will formed a flotilla of watercraft – the ‘Armada’- and gathered for informal and structured discussion.

This once industrial watersmeet was reimagined as a space for the interchange of ideas around travel, the convergence of cultural norms, and the elemental environment of water. Audience members and spectators were able to interact with the works while talks and screenings took place at partner organisation Waterways Ireland Visitor’s Centre, an award-winning floating structure housed at the Dock.


DCC logo waterways ireland logo

With special thanks to: Irish Underwater Search and Rescue Unit (IUSRU), Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI), St Andrew’s Resource Centre & South Docks FestivalEast Wall Water Sports

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